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Booking through Thursday: La-la-LA!!!!

January 15, 2009

This weeks Booking through Thursday questions is:

“If you’re anything like me, there are songs that you love because of their lyrics; writers you admire because their songs have depth, meaning, or just a sheer playfulness that has nothing to do with the tunes.

So, today’s question?

  • What songs … either specific songs, or songs in general by a specific group or writer … have words that you love?
  • Why?
  • And … do the tunes that go with the fantastic lyrics live up to them? “

That’s a great question. I love to read, but it’s nice to remember that there are other ways to tell stories, such as poetry or music. There are some songs that I absolutely love, and the story they tell can be fun or moving, romantic or sad, depressing or HAPPY HAPPY!!!

I usually prefer older music, such as classical works or opera, but there is a variety of new songs that I like to. Usually my wife is the one to find them and then she plays it for me. I have no idea where she finds these songs at, but she is trying to make sure that I can have at least some idea about what’s popular out there. She is doing her best to make me not look like the nerd I am.

My absolutely favorite song is one that very few of you have heard. I call it “All My Love”, and my wife wrote it for me when we got married. I didn’t know she was going to sing a song during our ceremony. We had had rehearsal even, and I was struggling to remember what I was supposed to be doing during the ceremony, and then suddenly, everything was different! She pulls out a microphone and starts singing a song she had written, and our friend Jonathan played it on the guitar (He’s the most brilliant guitarist I’ve ever heard). It was beautiful, well-written, and I compare all other love songs to that one.

My wife is beautiful and creative. Her creativity is one of the things that first attracted my attention to her (and, no one can make me laugh like she can! And she can make a mean cup of coffee!) I currently have the song on my MP3 player even. I love it. The song tells about her disbelief that she could end up with a great guy like me (Ha ha, the poor thing), and the wonder of discovering what true love really is. I know I am coming from a slightly prejudiced point of view here, but I really think that that song could be a hit song if someone famous sang it (well, someone famous who was also a good singer). My wife is a very talented writer and poet, and that song was the

This was a good question. It is bringing to mind all the reasons why I love my sweetheart! And after 8.5 years of marriage, that is a good thing. There is a line in that song that says “As endless as the stars above, may our love always be”. I love that line, every time I hear it my heart thrills. I am happy to say that I do get to spend the rest of my life, and all of eternity, with my best friend.


The Best from 2008

January 8, 2009

The Booking Through Thursday blog I recently discovered asks this question today: what were your favorite books from 2008? I love reading lists like this, as it usually gives me some great ideas to read some new ones. So, I’m giving listing the top 5 books I’ve read and really enjoyed this year:

5. “Death Masks” by Jim Butcher, The Dresden Files #5. Harry Dresden is my other favorite wizard named Harry. Unlike the boy wonder, this Harry is also a private eye in Chicago. Butcher writes exciting plots full of great action, heart ache, and joyfully stuffed with humor (you can’t have a talking skull named Bob and still be serious all the time, right?). In this book, Ortega the vampire is hunting Harry to challenge him to a duel, and Harry is enlisting the help of some friends old and new to try and find The Shroud of Turin. Why? You’ll have to read it to find out. It’s good. But start with #1 Storm Front if you haven’t read any of the series.

4. “Sourcery” by Terry Pratchett. This book was hilarious. If you love english humor than Pratchett’s discworld series is something you might want to pick up. A sourcerer arrives on the discworld and wreaks havoc, and it’s up to Rincewind, the completely inept wizard, to save the day. The end is a bit of a cliff hanger, and it always amazes me that Pratchett can write humor/parody that isn’t just stupid humor, but it’s witty and intelligent. And, at times, stupid. That’s what makes it fun.

3. “David Copperfield.” Where to begin with this one? It’s Charles Dickens’ masterpiece, his magnum opus. It was beautifully written, and it drew me in from page 1. The book totalled over 900 pages, and never once did I get bored reading it. The best parts were during the first half when David was a child: Dickens paints this pathetic creature so clearly, that I was near tears at certain parts of the book, (Spoiler: for instance, the chapter when his step-dad beat him made me want to run home and hug my boys!)

2. “Dracula” by Bram Stoker. I loved this book. Stoker is a master, and this book terrified me. Now, I have not read a lot of vampire books or seen movies, (I’ve watched “Buffy” and “Angel”, and I think I’ve seen the preview for “Twilight” 😉 ) so I think most of the impact was still fresh with me. The way that Stoker creates a very atmospheric scene, and then adds in creepy characters like Dracula, and then adds the plot…it’s the best. I couldn’t believe I had waited this long in my life to read it.

1. “The Silmarillion” by JRR Tolkien. This one surprised me as much as anyone. I am actually still reading it, but I started it before Christmas. I have two chapters left, but it is one of the best books I’ve ever written. Imagine a bunch of Greek mythology stories rewritten with elves, dwarves, dragons and epic quests, huge battles, and tragedies all around. Many of these stories explores the theme of objects of power, and how that power corrupts the hearts of men and elves. You may have heard that this book is a difficult read, and it is. But if you can make it through to the tales of The Silmarillion (the three jewels that the elf Feanor made from the light of their two sacred trees), then I think the stories just become incredible. I have never read anything like this before, and I am not sure what I will be able to read next! The book is beautifully written, but you need to have your full concentration going, it is difficult. But it’s worth it. And imagine this: Tolkien created all of this from his imagination, including the languages for the different races of elves, men, and dwarves.

There are others I could add to the list, but I need to go and read some of your comments now! What did you find to be a good read in 2008?