Faith ‘n Fiction: Good Morning, Mr. President!

Amy who hosts Faith ‘n Fiction has asked a great question this week: who is your favorite fictional president, and who is your least favorite fictional president.

There have been so many good presidents on movies and tv. My absolute favorite has to be Harrison Ford’s Pr. James Marshall in the movie “Air Force One”. As unlikely as the movie would be in real life, I loved the idea of a president taking action, it was a great movie! I also really liked President Palmer in 24.

My least favorite? Pr. Charles Logan from “24”. The guy was creepy, and totally crossed the line of acting in the best interest of the American people. Plus, it was just a really good season of “24”.

My final conclusion? Jack Bauer for President!

Does anyone know any good books about fictional presidents? I don’t think I’ve actually read any.

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4 Comments on “Faith ‘n Fiction: Good Morning, Mr. President!”

  1. crittyjoy Says:

    Jack for president 2012! Woot!

    I agree with your picks….loved Air Force One and I am a 24 junkie 🙂

  2. Brilliant minds think alike (smile) Well, at least we agree on FAVORITE. I like your least favorite selection too.

    My answers are up at Free Spirit blog-

  3. Amy Says:

    I also said President James Marshall from Air Force One! I haven’t watched 24 much though.

  4. bluestockingbb Says:

    Wow! It’s weird how everyone keeps mentioning these movies.

    Here’s my post. Fictional Leaders

    Oh I’m having an author visit on Monday. She will be guest posting and there will be a podcast interview.

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