Daddy’s Book Club: “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”

Here it is, the inaugral edition of Daddy’s Book Club. I love reading to my kids, and just the past year we started reading chapter books. Today, we finished “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis. I wasn’t sure if Ryan, my 6 year old would like it, but he LOVED it. Every day he would beg me to read him more. I think he liked it more than anything we’ve read so far. I bought him the book for his birthday in December, so I’m glad to see it was money well spent. We bought the next three books in the series (according to the old way of numbering them), so we are anticipating reading more. So here are a few opinions that my kids had about this book:

Review Sam, Age 4:

img_0726 Did you like this book? “Yeah!”

What was your favorite part? “Ummmm….I liked the silly parts.”

What silly parts? “Umm….when the world is turned upside for Edmund (I’m not sure what he meant by that) and when the giant picks up Lucy.”

What part did you not like? “When the white witch put her knife into Aslan! That was very sad.”

Which character did you like the most? “I liked all of them! Can my go play now?”

Sam likes me reading to him just as much as Ryan does, but I thought at times he had trouble figuring out what was going on in this book. Usually, before I read a chapter book, I read a little book for Sam. One of his favorites is “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” He loves that book.

Reviewer Ryan, age 6:

img_0627 Did you like this book? “Yup. I think it was pretty good. I just think it’s a good thing we bought those other Narnia books from the store so we can read more!”

What was your favorite part? “When Aslan came back to life again.”

What part did you not like? “When they killed Aslan. It made me sad.”

What character did you like the most? “I liked all of the people!”

Is there anything else about the book you would like to add? “The white witch was a little scary and a little silly and it was ahappy thing when Aslan killed her.”

Ok. Wow. You liked the violence huh? “What’s violence mean?”

Ryan really got into this book. He liked it about as much as he likes Thomas the Train, which is considerable. When I finished the chapter of Aslan’s death, he cried. We had to read the next chapter so he could know that Aslan came back to life again. And, for the final reviewer:

Reviewer Rosie, Age ???

img_0604 ” I hated this book.  Every time daddy read it, they would all sit on the couch and make me sit on the floor. The nerve. Don’t they know how important I am?”

I enjoyed this book a lot, and I found myself looking forward each day to our reading time. Sometimes I would read another chapter because I wanted to find out what happened next. I have never read the books, but I did see the movie that came out a few years ago, and wasn’t too thrilled by it. I liked Lord of the Rings better. But “The Lion, the Witch, and the wardrobe” book was way better than the movie. I think this is a good book to read to your children as it explores issues like misbehaving and being mean and its consequences; having courage to do things even when your scared; death and life, and of course, all the religious metaphors or allegories that are in it. It’s a masterpiece!

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2 Comments on “Daddy’s Book Club: “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe””

  1. Erica Says:

    That is great that you are reading to your kids and chapter books! I love that series still!

  2. claire Says:

    I love this post! My kids and I just started reading chapter books, too. We are on book one, The Tale of Despereaux. We’ve barely graduated from picture books so we are going slow, alternating them. We’ll be reading the Narnia books for sure. 🙂

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