Teaser Tuesdays: “The Silmarillion”

This event is hosted by MizB, and the rules are simple. Here is brief, tantalizing snippet from the book I’m reading, The Silmarillion, by JRR Tolkien:

“Now the phalanx of the guard of the King broke through the ranks of the Orcs, and Turgon hewed his way to the side of his brother; and it is told that the meeting of Turgon with Hurin, who stood beside Fingon, was glad in the midst of battle. Then hope was renewed in the hearts of the Elves; and in that very time, at the third hour of morning, the trumpets of Maedhros were heard at last coming up from the east, and the banners of the sons of Feanor assailed the enemy in the rear.” The Silmarillion, by JRR Tolkien, p. 192.

I was surprised at how good this book is, (though it’s very slow reading) once you get into the stories of the “Quenta Silmarillion”. If you approach the book as if you are reading a book of history and legends, then it really helps in understanding, although it is difficult to keep a lot of the names straight. I’m about half way through so far!

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8 Comments on “Teaser Tuesdays: “The Silmarillion””

  1. Saff Says:

    I love Tolkeins books. Most of them require some work (though the shorter ones don’t and are still Fab – I have a bit of a soft spot for Roverandum) but I think they’re worth it.

  2. Wow – what a teaser! I admire your tenacity in reading such long sentences and keeping all the characters straight.

  3. Bluestocking Says:

    Hey guess what I reviewed The Children of Hurin on my blog this week!! So how do you like the Silmarillion?

  4. Bluestocking Says:

    So what do you think of the Silmarilion. I review the Children of Hurin this week

  5. fuzzyface Says:

    I am finding The Silmarillion to be a great read. I can’t believe how much I am enjoying the challenge of reading it, and it is a challenge. I have to have my brain running on full speed, but it’s worth. I was surprised at it, that’s for sure, I had always heard it was a difficult read! (It is)

  6. claire Says:

    Thanks for the teaser. I am getting goosebumps, seriously. I’ve read it twice and want to reread it again! Ha ha. Crazy. It’s that good. Enjoy your reading! 😀

  7. Wendi Says:

    I’m not familiar with that book – is it somehow a part of the Lord of the Rings books? If so, I’ll have to look for it – that would be a great gift for my Dad!

    🙂 Wendi

    Here’s my Teaser!

  8. BooksPlease Says:

    I’ve had The Silmarillion and The Children of Hurin for a while now, but just can’t get going with them. I loved The Lord of the Rings though, maybe I should persevere!

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