Reading Challenge 2009

I found a blog recently that has challenged people who love reading with various literary challenges for 2009. Since I usually make New Years Resolutions and then promptly break them within the first week of the year, I thought this would be a more fun route to go. (At least, more successfully anyway) And, in a fit of creativity, I even began a new website. This blog will chronicle my reading goals for the new year. I signed up for the Causal Classics reading challenge, which challenges us to read at least 4 classics within the year. I don’t think that will be a problem, especially with my recent “discovery” of how truly wonderful Charles Dickens’ writing is. I think I signed up for a “read your own books” challenge, (I have a HUGE to be read pile) but then I also signed up for a “Read and Review” challenge, in which you are challenged to review all that you read within the year. That will be the main purpose for this site, and I will be using my other site for the more family type news and fun.

This should be a fun year, I’ve already started a couple of good books! (One I’m reading for myself, and the other I’m reading to my kids.) I can’t wait to see what new literary experiences are on the horizon! Thanks to MizB for all the great ideas.

I would like to issue a challenge to all who might stop by this site: if you like reading, please PLEASE read aloud to your children! It brings you closer together, and it stirs their imagination in ways that TV or video games don’t. I started reading chapter books to my boys last year (they are currently aged 4 and 6) and it has been so much fun rereading the books I loved as a kid. I also will be posting here the books that we read together, so stay tuned for “Daddy’s Book Club” entries.

So, to all my fellow avid readers out there, I have just one question: why are you still here? Don’t you have some reading to do? 🙂 Have fun!

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5 Comments on “Reading Challenge 2009”

  1. mizb17 Says:

    You’re totally right in that reading to your kids is awesomely rewarding! My kids are 10 and 8, and I’ve read to them since they were little (even as young as 4 months!). As a result, both of my kids read very well — way above their grade level (the 10 year old was reading at a grade 8 level when he was only in grade 3!). So, it’s definitely worth it. Not to mention, they have grown to really enjoy reading. My son has to have *specific* types of books, mind you (Pokemon, Star Wars, etc), but hey… if he’s reading, that’s all I care.

    As for reading challenges, glad you found so many on my blog that you want to participate in! And, just to be even MORE of an enabler, have you seen the A Novel Challenge yahoo! group full of reading-challenge addicts? Or, what about the linked blog (Novel Challenges) where you can find out about ALL of the reading challenges out there in the blogosphere? LOL. You’ll be seriously addicted once you’re through with those! LOL. Happy Reading! 😀


  2. claire Says:

    I read to my three kids all the time too! Will be looking out for your kids’ book reviews.

  3. Wanda Says:

    Though I’ve never actually read “the book”, I did read A Christmas Carol, the stage play in Jr. High. I’ve been watching the film version starring Alastair Sim every Christmas Eve forever. I’d like to read The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby someday.

    I LOVE to read with my children! It has been the best part of my day for over 18 years now. Though I no longer snuggle up to read with my 18 and 15 year olds, we often have the best conversations about what books we’re currently into. Lucky for me I also have an 8yo who, though she zips through chapter books independently, still gets tucked in with a book before bed each night.

    I’m adding you to my sidebar and look forward to both your adult and “Daddy” reviews. Good luck with those challenges!

  4. Ruth Says:

    Now here’s my challenge for you.
    Read a book by …… a woman!!

  5. Sister Puppy Says:

    Yay! Looking forward to reading with you! What do you reccomend I read? 🙂

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